IEEE Transactions on Biomedical Engineering

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Tissue Structure Updating for In Situ Augmented Reality Navigation using Calibrated Ultrasound and Two-level Surface Warping
In minimally invasive surgery, in situ augmented reality (AR) navigation systems are usually implemented using a glasses-free 3D display to represent the preoperative tissue structure. However, due to changes in intraoperative tissue, the preoperative tissue structure is not able to exactly correspond to reality. To solve this problem, we propose a method to update the tissue structure for in situ AR navigation in such way to reflect changes in intraoperative tissue. Experiments confirm that the novel AR navigation system based on updating the tissue structure will open up a better approach to provide accurate 3D see-through guidance... Read more
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An Integrated Widefield Imaging and Spectroscopy System for Contrast-Enhanced, Image-guided Resection of Tumors
Volume 62, Issue 5, Page: 1416-1424 Surgery is the most widely used treatment for solid tumors worldwide. However, recurrence of the tumor following surgery continues to prevent many patients from achieving complete remission. There are several factors that contribute to tumor... Read more
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Real-time Implementation of a Dual-mode Ultrasound Array System: In Vivo Results
Andrew J Casper, Dalong Liu, John R. Ballard, and Emad S. Ebbini Volume: 60, Issue: 10, Page(s): 2751-2759 Focused ultrasound surgery (FUS) is gaining wider acceptance as a form of noninvasive “bloodless” surgery in hospitals and clinics worldwide. Image-guidance was the catalyst... Read more