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Millimeter-wave heating in vitro: local microscale temperature measurements correlated to heat shock cellular response
Millimeter-wave (MMW) induced heating can be potentially used to treat superficial skin cancer, including spreading melanoma. The aim of this work is to assess the cellular sensitivity of the A375 melanoma cell line to continuous MMW (58.4 GHz) induced heating between 37 and 47°C. Phosphorylation of heat shock protein 27 (HSP27) was used as a marker of the heat- induced cellular stress. Numerical and experimental electromagnetic and thermal dosimetry were carried out in detail to guarantee the correct interpretation of the biological outcomes. Results obtained may contribute to the design and optimization of clinical thermal treatment of superficial melanoma... Read more
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A Preclinical System Prototype for Focused Microwave Breast Hyperthermia Guided by Compressive Thermoacoustic Tomography
Focused microwave breast hyperthermia (FMBH) can provide accurate and cost-effective treatment of breast tumors with low side effect. A clinically feasible FMBH system requires a guidance technique to monitor the microwave power distribution in the breast. Compressive thermoacoustic tomography (CTT) is a suitable guidance approach for FMBH. We developed a preclinical system prototype for the FMBH-CTT technique, mainly containing a microwave phased antenna array and an ultrasound transducer array. Experimental results demonstrate that the CTT technique can offer reliable guidance for the entire process of FMBH, i.e., from unfocused to focused microwave power distribution... Read more
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Wireless Hyperthermia Stent System for Restenosis Treatment and Testing with Swine Model
Stenting is a common approach to treating atherosclerosis, the main pathology that leads to cardiovascular disease causing thousands of death each day. Despite its proven efficacy, the long-term results of stenting are still limited by re-narrowing of stented artery known... Read more
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Real-Time 3D Microwave Monitoring of Interstitial Thermal Therapy
Minimally invasive thermal treatments, such as microwave ablation, have emerged as safer, faster, and more precise alternatives to surgery for many soft tissue cancers, including liver and kidney. Their efficacy and applicability to higher-risk cases (e.g., close proximity to blood... Read more
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Non-invasive Radiofrequency Field Treatment to Produce Hepatic Hyperthermia: Efficacy and Safety in Swine
  The Kanzius non-invasive radiofrequency hyperthermia system (KNiRFH) has been investigated as a treatment option for hepatic hyperthermia cancer therapy. The treatment involves exposing the patient to an external high-power RF (13.56 MHz) electric field whereby the propagating waves penetrate deep... Read more