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Non-Invasive Cardiac and Respiratory Activity Assessment From Various Human Body Locations Using Bioimpedance
Objective: Bioimpedance sensing is a powerful technique that measures the tissue impedance and captures important physiological parameters including blood flow, lung movements, muscle contractions, body fluid shifts, and other cardiovascular parameters. This paper presents a comprehensive analysis of the modality... Read more
Semi-Automated Graphical System for Calculating Pulmonary Vascular Impedances in a Clinical Setting
Computer graphic on right illustrates the steps necessary to analyze PVZ using the CompositePVZ © software. This includes measuring pulmonary artery (PA) diameter, tracing of PA pressure waveforms, pulsed-wave Doppler waveforms, and corresponding electrocardiogram signals. It also illustrates the user... Read more
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Less invasive and inotrope-reduction approach to automated closed-loop control of hemodynamics in decompensated heart failure
Kazunori Uemura, Toru Kawada, Can Zheng, Masaru Sugimachi, Department of Cardiovascular Dynamics, National Cerebral and Cardiovascular Center Heart failure (HF) is a global pandemic problem, and requires complicated hemodynamic management to rescue the victims. In order to reduce the stress and... Read more
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Elucidating the Hemodynamic Origin of Ballistocardiographic Forces: Towards Improved Monitoring of Cardiovascular Health at Home
The ballistocardiogram (BCG), a signal describing the reaction forces of the body to cardiac ejection of blood, has recently gained interest in the research community as a potential tool for monitoring the mechanical aspects of cardiovascular health for patients at... Read more
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Multi-scale 3D+t Intracranial Aneurysmal Flow Vortex Detection
Giacomo Feliciani, Wouter V. Potters, Pim van Ooij, Joppe J. Schneiders, Aart J. Nederveen, Ed vanBavel, Charles B. Majoie, and Henk A. Marquering, University of Amsterdam, the Netherlands, & University of Bologna, Italy ACCESS PAPER DATA READ FULL ARTICLE ON IEEE XPLORE Abstract Selection of intracranial... Read more