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Special Section: Biomedical and Health Informatics for Diabetes
Georgiou, P., Johnston, D. It is estimated that 371 million people worldwide have diabetes and the number is increasing at an alarming rate. In addition to short-term symptoms, there are long-term macro and microvascular complications including cardiovascular disease, especially heart attacks... Read more
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From Wearable Sensors to Smart Implants – Toward Pervasive and Personalized Healthcare
Javier Andreu-Perez, Daniel R. Leff, Henry Man Ip, Guang-zhong Yang,  Imperial College London Chronic diseases, senescence-related dependence, and sedentary lifestyles have become increasingly common, leading to increased healthcare costs. To overcome these challenges, healthcare delivery requires novel technological advances focusing on prevention, early detection,... Read more
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Health Informatics for Neonatal Intensive Care Units: An Analytical Modeling Perspective
The effective use of data within intensive care units (ICUs) has great potential to create new cloud-based health analytics solutions for disease prevention or earlier condition onset detection. The Artemis project aims to achieve the above goals in the area... Read more
TBME 60th Anniversary
Unobtrusive Sensing and Wearable Devices for Health Informatics
Ya-Li Zheng, Xiao-Rong Ding, Carmen Chung Yan Poon, Benny Ping Lai Lo, Heye Zhang, Xiao-Lin Zhou, Guang-Zhong Yang, Ni Zhao, Yuan-Ting Zhang, The Chinese University of Hong Kong, The Chinese Academy of Sciences (HICAS) at SIAT, Imperial College London, Volume 61, Issue 5,... Read more