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Nature-Inspired Multiobjective Cancer Subtype Diagnosis
     Abstract Cancer gene expression data is of great importance in cancer subtype diagnosis and drug discovery. Many computational methods have been proposed to classify subtypes using those data. However, most of the previous computational methods suffer from poor interpretability, experimental noises,... Read more
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Robust and Efficient Biomolecular Clustering of Tumor Based on p -Norm Singular Value Decomposition
High dimensionality has become a typical feature of biomolecular data. In this paper, a novel dimension reduction method named p-norm singular value decomposition (PSVD) is proposed to seek the low-rank approximation matrix to the biomolecular data. To enhance the robustness... Read more
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Pharmacokinetic Tumor Heterogeneity as a Prognostic Biomarker for Classifying Breast Cancer Recurrence Risk
Majid Mahrooghy, Ahmed B. Ashraf, Dania Daye, Elizabeth S. McDonald, Mark Rosen, Carolyn Mies, Michael Feldman, and Despina Kontos, University of Pennsylvania Volume: 62 , Issue: 6 Page(s): 1585 – 1594 Breast tumors have been shown to be highly heterogeneous lesions. Intra-tumor... Read more
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RANWAR: Rank-Based Weighted Association Rule Mining From Gene Expression and Methylation Data
ACCESS PAPER DATA READ FULL ARTICLE ON IEEE XPLORE Abstract Ranking of association rules is currently an interesting topic in data mining and bioinformatics. The huge number of evolved rules of items (or, genes) by association rule mining (ARM) algorithms makes confusion to... Read more