Transactions on Neural Systems and Rehabilitation Engineering

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Sparse Visual-Inertial Measurement Units Placement for Gait Kinematics Assessment
This study investigates the possibility of estimating lower-limb joint kinematics and meaningful performance indexes for physiotherapists, during gait on a treadmill based on data collected from a sparse placement of new Visual Inertial Measurement Units (VIMU) and the use of... Read more
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Mechanically assisted neurorehabilitation: a novel six-bar linkage mechanism for gait rehabilitation
Repeated and intensive gait training can improve muscle strength and movement coordination of patients with neurological or orthopedic impairments. However, conventional physical therapy by a physiotherapist is laborious and expensive. Therefore, this therapy is not accessible for the majority of... Read more
Implications of Physiology-Sensitive Gait Exercise on the Lower Limb Electromyographic Activity of Hemiplegic Post-Stroke Patients: A Feasibility Study in Low Resource Settings
Background: Stroke is one of the leading causes of disability with ~80% of post-stroke survivors suffering from gait-related deficits. Conventional gait rehabilitation settings are labor-intensive and need rigorous involvement of clinicians (who use their expertise to decide the dosage of... Read more
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Social Human-Robot Interaction for Gait Rehabilitation
Robot-assisted therapy for gait rehabilitation of patients with neurological disorders usually combines a body weight support system with a treadmill system. Lokomat is one of the most used devices for gait rehabilitation. This device allows therapists to focus on the... Read more
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Effects of Vibrotactile Biofeedback Coding Schemes on Gait Symmetry Training of Individuals With Stroke
Variations in biofeedback coding schemes for postural control, in recent research, have shown significant differences in performance outcomes due to variations in coding schemes. However, the application of vibrotactile biofeedback coding schemes to gait symmetry training is not well explored.... Read more