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Multimodality Neurological Data Visualization with Multi-VOI Based DTI Fiber Dynamic Integration
Brain lesions are usually located adjacent to critical spinal structures, so it will be a challenging task for neurosurgeons to precisely plan a surgical procedure without damaging healthy tissues and nerves. The advancement of medical imaging technologies produces a large... Read more
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Motor Imagery Learning Induced Changes in Functional Connectivity of the Default Mode Network
Abstract Numerous studies provide evidences that motor skill learning changes the activity of some brain regions during task as well as some resting networks during rest. However, it is still unclear how motor learning affects the resting-state default-mode network (DMN). Using... Read more
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Evaluation of Statistical Inference on Empirical Resting State fMRI
Xue Yang, Hakmook Kang, Allen T. Newton, Bennett A. Landman Vanderbilt University Volume 61, Issue 4, Page: 1091-1099 Modern statistical inference techniques may be able to improve the sensitivity and specificity of resting state functional MRI (rs-fMRI) connectivity analysis through more realistic assumptions.... Read more