IEEE Transactions on Biomedical Engineering

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Model of Impedance Changes in Unmyelinated Nerve Fibres
Electrical Impedance Tomography (EIT) is a technique able to image electrical impedance changes (dZ) in tissue by injecting alternating current and recording surface voltages. EIT has been shown to be able to visualise impedance changes related to neuronal depolarization over... Read more
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Uncertainty Quantification of Oscillation Suppression during DBS in a Coupled Finite Element and Network Model
    Models of the cortico-basal ganglia network and volume conductor models of the brain can provide insight into the mechanisms of action of deep brain stimulation (DBS). In this study, the coupling of a network model, under parkinsonian conditions, to the... Read more
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Electric Field Model of Transcranial Electric Stimulation in Nonhuman Primates: Correspondence to Individual Motor Threshold
This paper describes a pipeline for realistic head models of nonhuman primates for simulations of noninvasive brain stimulation, and uses these models together with empirical threshold measurements to demonstrate that the models capture individual anatomical variability. Based on structural magnetic... Read more