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Walking Faster and Farther With a Soft Robotic Exosuit: Implications for Post-Stroke Gait Assistance and Rehabilitation
Objective: Soft robotic exosuits can improve the mechanics and energetics of walking after stroke. Building on this prior work, we evaluated the effects of the first prototype of a portable soft robotic exosuit. Methods: Exosuit-induced changes in the overground walking... Read more
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Using Smartphone Sensors for Improving Energy Expenditure Estimation
Energy Expenditure (EE) estimation is an important factor in tracking personal activity and preventing chronic diseases such as obesity and diabetes. Accurate and real-time EE estimation utilizing small wearable sensors is a difficult task, primarily because most existing schemes work... Read more
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Personalization of Energy Expenditure Estimation in Free Living Using Topic Models
We introduce an approach to personalize energy expenditure (EE) estimates in free living. First we use Topic Models (TM) to discover activity composites from recognized activity primitives and stay regions in daily living data. Subsequently, we determine activity composites that... Read more
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Predicting Free-living Energy Expenditure Using a Miniaturized Ear-Worn Sensor: An Evaluation Against Doubly Labelled Water
Loubna Bouarfa, Louis Atallah, Richard Mark Kwasnicki, Claire Pettitt, Gary Frost, Guang-Zhong Yang Imperial College London, UK Volume: 61, Issue: 2, Page(s): 566 – 575 Physical activity is a major determinant of health and quality of life in our rapidly ageing society. It is defined as... Read more