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Gamma Power of Electroencephalogram Arousal is Modulated by Respiratory Event Type and Severity in Obstructive Sleep Apnea
This work investigated breathing obstruction-related arousal intensity via high-frequency spectral content in nocturnal electroencephalogram (EEG). Gamma band (30–40 Hz) power in EEG was studied during arousals caused by different respiratory events in 869 patients with suspected obstructive sleep apnea (OSA). Arousal gamma power was higher in deeper sleep and increased alongside the respiratory event severity. As elevated gamma activity could indicate a greater shift towards wakefulness, the results illustrate that the magnitude of sleep disruption might vary depending on the respiratory event characteristics. These findings can bring more insight into respiratory event-related sleep fragmentation in OSA severity assessment... Read more
Classifying multi-level stress responses from brain cortical EEG in Nurses and Non-health professionals using Machine Learning Auto Encoder
Objective: Mental stress is a major problem in our society and has become an area of interest for many psychiatric researchers. One primary research focus area is the identification of bio-markers that not only identify stress but also predict the... Read more
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Manifold Embedded Knowledge Transfer for Brain-Computer Interfaces
Transfer learning makes use of data or knowledge in one problem to help solve a different, yet related, problem. It is particularly useful in brain-computer interfaces (BCIs), for coping with variations among different subjects and/or tasks. This paper considers offline... Read more
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Matching Pursuit Based Time-Variant Bispectral Analysis and its Application to Biomedical Signals
Advanced time-variant and non-linear approaches can be beneficially used for analysis of biomedical signals and are able to gain new insights into specific signal characteristics like short term patterns in the heart rate variability (HRV) of epileptic children or in... Read more