IEEE Transactions on Biomedical Engineering

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Align and Pool for EEG Headset Domain Adaptation (ALPHA) to Facilitate Dry Electrode Based SSVEP-BCI
This study leverages transfer learning to improve the performance for steady-state visual evoked potential based brain-computer interface (SSVEP-BCI) implemented by dry electrodes. We utilize auxiliary individual electroencephalogram (EEG) recorded from wet electrode for cross-device transfer learning via the proposed framework named ALign and Pool for EEG Headset domain Adaptation (ALPHA), which aligns the SSVEP features by domain adaptation. ALPHA significantly outperformed the competing methods in two transfer directions, and boosted the dry-electrode systems using wet-electrode EEG. The cross-device transfer learning by ALPHA could increase the utility and potentially promote the use of dry electrode based SSVEP-BCIs in practical applications... Read more
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Domain-adaptive Fall Detection Using Deep Adversarial Training
Fall detection (FD) systems are important assistive technologies for healthcare that can detect emergency fall events and alert caregivers. However, it is not easy to obtain large-scale annotated fall events with various specifications of sensors or sensor positions during the... Read more