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Software Toolbox for Low-frequency Conductivity and Current Density Imaging using MRI
A software toolbox for low-frequency conductivity and current density imaging using MRI is now available from This MR-based conductivity imaging (MRCI) toolbox includes Matlab functions for image reconstructions in magnetic resonance electrical impedance tomography (MREIT), diffusion tensor MREIT (DTMREIT), conductivity... Read more
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Electrical Tissue Property Imaging at Low Frequency Using MREIT
Jin Keun Seo and Eung Je Woo, Yonsei University & Kyung Hee University, Open Access, Volume 61, Issue 5, Page:1390-1399  The tomographic imaging of tissue’s electrical properties (e.g., conductivity and permittivity) has been greatly improved by recent developments in magnetic resonance (MR) imaging techniques,... Read more
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Analysis of the Spatial Sensitivity of Conductance / Admittance Catheter Ventricular Volume Estimation
Larson, E.R. ; Feldman, M.D. ; Valvano, J.W. ; Pearce, J.A. Volume: 60, Issue: 8, Page: 2316-2324 The Geselowitz relation is a volume-integral formulation of impedance measured between electrodes used to identify the most important influences on the measurement. Cross sectional plots of the formulation show the spatial distribution... Read more