Transactions on NanoBioscience

Silicon Carbide Nanoparticles based Nanofibrous Membrane in Comparison with Thin-Film Enzymatic Glucose Sensor
This work presents, silicon carbide nanoparticles (SiCNPs) embedded in a conductive polymer (CP) to be electrospun to fabricate a nanofibrous membrane and a thin-film. Electrochemical enzymatic glucose sensing mechanism of an electrospun nanofibrous membrane (ENFM) of SiCNPs in a CP... Read more
Special Issue: BRAIN
Chronic in vivo evaluation of PEDOT/CNT for stable neural recordings
Takashi D.Y. Kozai, Kasey Catt, Zhanhong Du, Kyounghwan Na, Onnop Srivannavit, Razi-ul M. Haque, John Seymour, Kensall D Wise, Euisik Yoon, X. Tracy Cui, University of Pittsburgh, University of Michigan,  ePack, Inc, Structured Microsystems LLC, USA, Sub-cellular sized chronically implanted recording electrodes have demonstrated significant... Read more