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Monocular 3D Probe Tracking for Generating Sub-Surface Optical Property Maps From Diffuse Optical Spectroscopic Imaging
Light-based, or biophotonic, technologies are safe and portable tools for assessing tissue health. Above, we see how a handheld optical probe uses frequency modulated light to assess subsurface tissue composition by measuring molecular concentrations of absorbing and scattering media. However, assessing large tissue regions (e.g., in breast cancer) is traditionally a tedious and rigid process with ramifications for longitudinal follow-up. Here, we developed an overhead camera system that, paired with probe geometry knowledge, can track the probe in 3D as it is scanned across the tissue (as above), enabling real-time operator driven optical imaging... Read more
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Vision-Based Heart and Respiratory Rate Monitoring During Sleep — A Validation Study for the Population at Risk of Sleep Apnea
Early Access Note: Early Access articles are new content made available in advance of the final electronic or print versions and result from IEEE’s Preprint or Rapid Post processes. Preprint articles are peer-reviewed but not fully edited. Rapid Post articles are... Read more
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Automated Vision-Based High Intraocular Pressure Detection Using Frontal Eye Images
   Abstract INTRODUCTION: Glaucoma, the silent thief of vision, is mostly caused by the gradual increase of pressure in the eye which is known as Intraocular Pressure (IOP). An effective way to prevent the rise in eye pressure is by early detection.... Read more