IEEE Open Journal of Engineering in Medicine and Biology

Untargeted Large Volume Hyperthermia Reduces Tumor Drug Uptake From Thermosensitive Liposomes
Goal: The impact of hyperthermia (HT) method on tumor drug uptake with thermosensitive liposomes (TSL) is not well understood. Methods: We created realistic three-dimensional (3-D) computer models that simulate TSL-encapsulated doxorubicin (TSL-DOX) delivery in mouse tumors with three HT methods... Read more
TBME 60th Anniversary
A Brief History of Tissue Models for Cardiac Electrophysiology
Craig S. Henriquez, Duke University, Volume 61, Issue 5, Page:1457-1465 The first biophysically based cardiac tissue model, combining equations for the cell-to-cell connections with a realistic representation of the membrane current fluxes, was developed nearly 45 years ago. In the decades that... Read more