IEEE Transactions on Biomedical Engineering

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Design a Novel BCI for Neurorehabilitation Using Concurrent LFP and EEG Features: A Case Study
This work introduced for the first time a novel BCI that incorporate both intracortical LFP and scalp EEG (named, LFP-EEG-BCI) for motor intention decoding during neurorehabilitation. Concurrent intracortical and scalp signals were collected from a paraplegic patient undergoing motor imagery (MI) neurorehabilitation training. A common spatial filter approach was adopted for feature extraction and a decision fusion strategy was further introduced to obtain the decoding results. Transfer learning approach was also utilized to reduce the calibration. The proposed novel LFP-EEG-BCI may lead to new directions for developing practical neurorehabilitation systems in clinical applications... Read more
Seizure Onset Detection Using Empirical Mode Decomposition and Common Spatial Pattern
Automatic seizure onset detection plays an important role in epilepsy diagnosis. In this paper, a novel seizure onset detection method is proposed by combining empirical mode decomposition (EMD) of long-term scalp electroencephalogram (EEG) with common spatial pattern (CSP). First, wavelet... Read more