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Principles of Information Storage in Small-Molecule Mixtures
Molecular data systems have the potential to store information at dramatically higher density than existing electronic media. Some of the first experimental demonstrations of this idea have used DNA, but nature also uses a wide diversity of smaller non-polymeric molecules... Read more
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A Fast Algorithm for Analysis of Molecular Communication in Artificial Synapse
In this paper, we analyze molecular communications (MCs) in a proposed artificial synapse (AS), whose main difference from biological synapses (BSs) is that it is closed, i.e., transmitter molecules cannot diffuse out from AS. Such a setup has both advantages... Read more
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Optimizing Associative Experimental Design for Protein Crystallization Screening
The goal of protein crystallization screening is the determination of the main factors of importance to crystallizing the protein under investigation. One of the major issues about determining these factors is that screening is often expanded to many hundreds or... Read more