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Direct Electron Transfer based Microfluidic Glucose Biofuel cell with CO2 Laser ablated Bioelectrodes and Microchannel
Miniaturized microfluidic electrochemical energy devices can produce power without the need for a separator reducing a considerable amount of fabrication complications. Enzymatic biofuel cells, with glucose as a fuel, are capable of producing energy from biological fluids in the presence... Read more
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Polymer Coated and Nanofiber Reinforced Functionally Graded Bioactive Glass Scaffolds Fabricated using Additive Manufacturing
In this study, carbon nanotube (CNT) reinforced functionally graded bioactive glass scaffolds have been fabricated using additive manufacturing technique. Sol-gel method was used for the synthesis of the bioactive glass. For ink preparation, Pluronic F-127 was used as an ink... Read more