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Creation of an Automated Fluorescence Guided Tumor Ablation System
Objective: Create a device that improves the identification and extent of resection at the interface between healthy and tumor tissue; ultimately, using this device would improve surgical outcomes for patients and increase survival. Methods: We have created a contactless tumor... Read more
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Efficient Cancer Detection Using Multiple Neural Networks
  We introduce a multi-tiered neural network architecture that accurately classifies malignant breast tissue from benign breast tissue The inspection of live excised tissue specimens to ascertain malignancy is a challenging task in dermatopathology and generally in histopathology. We introduce a portable... Read more
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Compound Radar Approach for Breast Imaging
Microwave radar imaging is a breast imaging modality which exploits the contrasting dielectric properties at tissue boundaries to create a representative 3D energy profile. Multistatic radar apertures record scattering at a number of receivers when the target is illuminated by... Read more