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A multiscale agent-based model of ductal carcinoma in situ
Breast cancer is the most frequently diagnosed cancer in the United States, and about 17% of these occur within the mammary gland duct, known as ductal carcinoma in situ (DCIS). We have developed a multiscale, lattice-free agent-based model of DCIS, incorporating both molecular and cellular scales, to study how phenotypic and signaling changes influence the key early stages of disease development. By simulating the effects of bidirectional feedback between these scales, we have gained valuable insights into how this complex interplay affects disease progression, and have identified key processes that may be optimal prognostic indicators of future disease advancement... Read more
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Engineered Three-Dimensional Scaffolds Modulating Fate of Breast Cancer Cells Using Stiffness and Morphology Related Cell Adhesion
Artificially engineering the tumor microenvironment in vitro as a vital tool for understanding the mechanism of tumor progression. In this study, we developed three-dimensional cell scaffold systems with different topographical features and mechanical properties but similar surface chemistry. The cell... Read more
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3D Microwave Tomography Using the Soft Prior Regularization Technique: Evaluation in Anatomically-Realistic MRI-Derived Numerical Breast Phantoms
In this work, we present methods and results for fusion of magnetic resonance imaging(MRI) breast images with microwave tomography through a soft prior regularization technique. This method incorporates accurate boundary location of different regions of interest from MRI as spatial... Read more
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Flexible Sixteen Antenna Array for Microwave Breast Cancer Detection
H. Bahramiabarghouei, E. Porter, A. Santorelli, B. Gosselin, M. Popović, and L. A. Rusch, Laval University & McGill University, Volume 62, Issue 10, Page 2516-2525 Radar based microwave imaging (MWI) has been widely studied for breast cancer detection. The dielectric property differences... Read more
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Breast Cancer Histopathology Image Analysis: A Review
Mitko Veta, Josien P.W. Pluim, Paul J. van Diest, and Max A. Viergever University Medical Center Utrecht, Utrecht, The Netherlands, Volume 61, Issue 5, Page: 1400-1411 Pathology labs are currently undergoing a transformation towards a fully digital workflow. In addition to the... Read more