IEEE Transactions on Biomedical Engineering

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Design a Novel BCI for Neurorehabilitation Using Concurrent LFP and EEG Features: A Case Study
This work introduced for the first time a novel BCI that incorporate both intracortical LFP and scalp EEG (named, LFP-EEG-BCI) for motor intention decoding during neurorehabilitation. Concurrent intracortical and scalp signals were collected from a paraplegic patient undergoing motor imagery (MI) neurorehabilitation training. A common spatial filter approach was adopted for feature extraction and a decision fusion strategy was further introduced to obtain the decoding results. Transfer learning approach was also utilized to reduce the calibration. The proposed novel LFP-EEG-BCI may lead to new directions for developing practical neurorehabilitation systems in clinical applications... Read more
A Functional Model for Unifying Brain Computer Interface Terminology
Brain Computer Interface (BCI) technology is a critical area both for researchers and clinical practitioners. The IEEE P2731 working group is developing a comprehensive BCI lexicography and a functional model of BCI. The glossary and the functional model are inextricably... Read more