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Acoustic holograms for bilateral blood-brain barrier opening in a mouse model
Microbubble-enhanced focused ultrasound (FUS) allows the blood-brain barrier opening (BBBO) for drug delivery into the brain. However, single-element FUS technologies do not allow high-resolution, multi-focal, simultaneous targeting, in addition to distortion of the focused beam due to skull aberrations. In this work, we present the first preclinical BBBO application of acoustic holograms in mice. A 3D-printed hologram coupled to a single-element focused transducer produced two symmetric foci while compensating for the skull aberrations. T1-weighted MRI showed BBBO at two quasi-spherical spots. This work demonstrates the feasibility of hologram-assisted BBBO for low-cost and highly-localized drug delivery in a mouse brain... Read more
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Contrast-free detection of focused ultrasound-induced blood-brain barrier opening using diffusion tensor imaging
Karakatsani et al. report a contrast-free method to detect focused ultrasound (FUS)-induced blood-brain barrier (BBB) opening using diffusion tensor imaging (DTI). The localized BBB opening was hypothesized to result to a transient change in the diffusion pattern of water molecules and was tested in a non-human primate model, which closely resembled the human anatomy. They found that fractional anisotropy within the targeted area increased by 82% after the procedure, showing that DTI can confirm BBB opening without the use of contrast agents, increasing the safety of the methodology since contrast does not have to cross into the brain parenchyma... Read more