IEEE Open Journal of Engineering in Medicine and Biology

Reducing COVID-19 Cases and Deaths by Applying Blockchain in Vaccination Rollout Management
Because a fast vaccination rollout against coronavirus disease 2019 (COVID-19) is critical to restore daily life and avoid virus mutations, it is tempting to have a relaxed vaccination-administration management system. However, a rigorous management system can support the enforcement of... Read more
COVID-19 Antibody Test/Vaccination Certification: There’s an App for That
Goal: As the Coronavirus Pandemic of 2019/2020 unfolds, a COVID-19 `Immunity Passport’ has been mooted as a way to enable individuals to return back to work. While the quality of antibody testing, the availability of vaccines, and the likelihood of... Read more
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Decentralized Authentication of Distributed-Healthcare Hospital Patients via Blockchain
In any interconnected healthcare system (e.g., those that are part of a smart city), interactions between patients, medical doctors, nurses and other healthcare practitioners need to be secure and efficient. For example, all members must be authenticated and securely interconnected... Read more