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Green Synthesis of Gold Nanoparticles by a Metal Resistant Arthrobacter nitroguajacolicus Isolated From Gold Mine
Biosynthesis of gold nanoparticles would benefit from the development of clean, nontoxic and environmentally acceptable procedures concerning microorganisms from bacteria to fungi and even algae. Actinobacteria are soil bacteria which have the enormous ability as biotechnological tools. In this paper,... Read more
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Characterizing Motor and Cognitive Effects Associated With Deep Brain Stimulation in the GPi of Hemi-Parkinsonian Rats
Abstract The globus pallidus internus (GPi) is the main output nucleus of the basal ganglia, which is associated with a variety of functions including motor performance and cognition. The GPi is one of the primary targets of deep brain stimulation (DBS)... Read more
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Engineering Challenges for Instrumenting and Controlling Integrated Organ-on-Chip Systems
John P. Wikswo, Frank E. Block III, David E. Cliffel, Cody R. Goodwin, Christina C. Marasco, Dmitry A. Markov, David L. McLean, John A. McLean, Jennifer R. McKenzie, Ronald S. Reiserer, Philip C. Samson, David K. Schaffer, Kevin T. Seale,... Read more