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Communication in Plants: Comparison of Multiple Action Potential and Mechanosensitive Signals With Experiments
Both action potentials and mechanosensitive signalling are an important communication mechanisms in plants. Considering an information-theoretic framework, this paper explores the effective range of multiple action potentials for a long chain of cells (i.e., up to 100) in different configurations,... Read more
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Molecular Communication: A Personal Perspective
The authors of this paper have been involved in molecular communication since its conception. They describe their decade-and-a-half long personal journey of the molecular communication research and share their observations and thoughts on how the molecular communication research started and... Read more
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A Fast Algorithm for Analysis of Molecular Communication in Artificial Synapse
In this paper, we analyze molecular communications (MCs) in a proposed artificial synapse (AS), whose main difference from biological synapses (BSs) is that it is closed, i.e., transmitter molecules cannot diffuse out from AS. Such a setup has both advantages... Read more