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Toward a High-Throughput Wireless Smart Arena for Behavioral Experiments on Small Animals
We present a high-throughput wirelessly-powered and scalable smart arena for conducting behavioral experiments on freely behaving animals like rodents. It is made of multiple units known as EnerCage, operating in parallel, and fits in standard racks used in animal facilities. The multi-EnerCage-Homecage (mEHC) system increases the volume of data collected from more animals, while lowering the cost and duration of experiments. It is equipped with an auto-tuning mechanism to compensate for the resonance-frequency shifts caused by displacement of adjacent homecages. A 7-units prototype of the mEHC system is implemented and the effects of interference and resonance-frequency bifurcation are minimized... Read more
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A Wideband Dual-Antenna Receiver for Wireless Recording from Animals Behaving in Large Arenas
Seung Bae Lee, Ming Yin, Joseph R. Manns, and Maysam Ghovanloo Volume 60, Issue: 7, Page(s): 1993-2004 Emerging technologies in bioelectronics, particularly those related to neuroprosthetic devices, have the potential to significantly improve patients’ quality of life. Equally important are the tools... Read more