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Visual Servoed Robotic Mouse Oocyte Rotation
Both injection and biopsy of a mammalian cell require positioning and orientation of a biological cell in a three-dimensional space under a microscope. Manual cell manipulation and orientation is the most commonly used method that is based on a trial-and-error and direct cell poking approach. We present a system that is able to automatically rotate a mouse oocyte to a desired orientation based on pressure control and computer vision. Our methods improve existing techniques and provide a starting point for fast autofocusing and oocyte orientation prior to automatic ICSI or cell biopsy... Read more
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Design and Application of a New Automated Fluidic Visceral Stimulation Device for Human fMRI Studies of Interoception
Mapping the brain centers that mediate the sensory-perceptual processing of visceral afferent signals arising from the body (i.e., interoception) is useful both for characterizing normal brain activity and for understanding clinical disorders related to abnormal processing of visceral sensation such... Read more