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Single-Site Devices for Conjoined Glucose Sensing and Insulin Delivery
Diabetes patients are increasingly using a continuous glucose sensor to monitor blood glucose and an insulin pump connected to an infusion cannula to administer insulin. Applying these devices requires two separate insertion sites, one for the sensor and one for... Read more
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Feasibility of Early Meal Detection Based on Abdominal Sound
     Early Access Note: Early Access articles are new content made available in advance of the final electronic or print versions and result from IEEE’s Preprint or Rapid Post processes. Preprint articles are peer-reviewed but not fully edited. Rapid Post articles are... Read more
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One-Day Bayesian Cloning of Type 1 Diabetes Subjects: Towards a Single-Day UVA/Padova Type 1 Diabetes Simulator
Roberto Visentin, Chiara Dalla Man, and Claudio Cobelli, University of Padova, Italy The UVA/Padova Type 1 Diabetes (T1DM) Simulator has been shown to be representative of a T1DM population observed in a clinical trial, but has not yet been identified on T1DM... Read more
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Advancing Our Understanding of the Glucose System via Modeling: A Perspective
C. Cobelli, C. Dalla Man, M. Pedersen, A. Bertoldo, G. Toffolo, University of Padova Volume 61, Issue 5, Page:1577-1592 The glucose story begins with Claude Bernard’s discovery of glycogen and milieu interieur, continued with Fredrick Banting’s and Charles Best’s discovery of insulin... Read more