IEEE EMBS presents

NER2019 Best Paper Award Finalists


Please join us in congratulating the NER2019 Best Paper Award Finalists! This event is sponsored by the IEEE Brain Initiative.

  • Maysamreza Chamanzar, Carnegie Mellon University
    Ultrasonically Sculpted Virtual Optical Patterns for Imaging and Photostimulation in Brain Tissue
  • Chengkuo Lee, National University of Singapore
    Direct Stimulation of Bladder Pelvic Nerve Using Battery-Free Neural Clip Interface
  • Weihua Pei, Institute of Semiconductors, CAS
    Three-Dimensional Graphene As Sensing Element for Intraocular Pressure Monitoring
  • Shinnosuke Kawasaki, Delft University of Technology
    Pressure Measurement of Geometrically Curved Ultrasound Transducer Array for Spatially Specific Stimulation of the Vagus Nerve
  • Suhasa Kodandaramaiah, University of Minnesota
    See-Shells: Transparent Polymer Skulls for Pan-Cortical Neural Interfacing
  • Jamille Feitosa, UNICAMP, Campinas, Brazil
    Complex Network Changes During a Virtual Reality Rehabilitation Protocol Following Stroke: A Case Study
  • Xu He, Jacobs University Bremen
    Reservoir Transfer on Analog Neuromorphic Hardware
  • Tzyy-Ping, University of California San Diego
    Cross-Subject Transfer Learning Improves the Practicality of Real-World Applications of Brain-Computer Interfaces
  • Huiling Tan, University of Oxford
    Beta Oscillation-Targeted Neurofeedback Training Based on Subthalamic LFPs in Parkinsonian Patients
  • Sebastian Weingartner, Stanford University
    Robust Online Spike Recovery for High-Density Electrode Recordings Using Convolutional Compressed Sensing

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