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IEEE PULSE Wins Best of Show Award in the 2018-19 STC Regional TechComm Competition


IEEE PULSE magazine received a Best of Show Award in the 2018-19 STC Regional TechComm Competition. One Best of Show award is given by the judges every year.
The regional STC (Society for Technical Communication) competition includes chapters from Atlanta, Houston, New England, New York, Philadelphia and Rochester. There were 40 judge volunteers from 10 states and 2 other countries, India and Saudi Arabia.
Below is the judge’s summary of the three consecutive issues submitted for review. The issues included were: March/April 2018, May/June 2018, and July/August 2018.

This entry is outstanding in all of the core assessment categories. The structure and organization of each issue is strong and consistent with a clear, identifiable theme that is well executed. The writing and editing are impeccable — appropriate to the technical audience, but also engaging and accessible to the casual reader. The overall layout and presentation is attractive with effective use of color, graphic elements, text characteristics, and white space. Each issue includes a good mix of high-quality artwork, including photos (both formal and informal) and diagrams in a variety of sizes, shapes, and positions. Taken as a whole, this entry embodies some of the best characteristics of professional technical communication.

Please join us in congratulating EMB Society and Publications Staff: Ahmed Morsy-EIC, Cynthia Weber, and Pamela Reynolds-Associate Editors. Mark Gallaher-Managing Editor, Janet Dudar-Sr. Art Director, Gail Schnitzer-Associate Art Director, Bonnie Nani-Sr. Elect Layout Specialist and Theresa Smith-Production Coordinator.

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