May/June 2018

Feature May/June 2018
Measuring Pressure
Above: A possible visualization of the aktiia bracelet that will deploy oBPM technology for the prevention, diagnosis, and management of hypertension. The final form factor of the bracelet and its functionalities will be defined during the coming months in consultation... Read more
Feature May/June 2018
Hospital CIO Explains Blockchain Potential
Work is already underway to bring blockchain technology to the healthcare industry, and hospital administrators are trying to figure out what it can do for them, their clinicians, and their patients. That includes administrators at Beth Israel Deaconess Medical Center,... Read more
Cover Story May/June 2018
Biomedical Materials Learn to Heal Themselves
Maintaining sterility in emergency and operating rooms can be challenging, especially in cases of highly infectious disease outbreaks or toxic spills. A simple nick in a surgical glove under such circumstances could have deadly consequences. But, now, a variety of... Read more
Feature May/June 2018
PULSE On Stage: Can Healthcare Be Artificially Intelligent Yet Naturally Smart?
Concurrent with EMBC18, IEEE Pulse on Stage hosted industry experts to explore the challenges and opportunities artificial intelligence holds for healthcare and research. Presenters included Michael Taborn, Chief Architect, IOTG Health Sector at Intel, and Doug Raymond, GM of Semantic... Read more
Retrospectroscope May/June 2018
Does Schopenhauer’s Epistemology Back Up Current Bioengineering and Biotechnology Trends?
The Present is Now and, in fact, as soon as “it is,” it becomes “it was,” so much that one feels it did not exist, as a continuum. Not only daily life needs lead the mind’s pathways and actions; the... Read more
State of the Art May/June 2018
The Shaming of the True
For a change of pace, I am presenting, here, “The Shaming of the True,” something I have given as a final examination in a graduate instrumentation systems course (ENBE 601). As you can see, near the end of the “drama,”... Read more
Feature May/June 2018
The Robotics Revolution Will Be Soft
When soft robotics first emerged, it was defined (as breakthroughs often are) by what it was that its traditional counterparts were not, i.e., soft. A decade in, the nomenclature remains apt. The pliant materials used in soft robotics are often both... Read more
Feature May/June 2018
The Human Touch
We live in a time when science fiction can quickly become science fact. Within a generation, the Internet has matured from a technological marvel to a utility, and mobile telephones have redefined how we communicate. Health care, as an industry,... Read more
Feature May/June 2018
(Block) Chain Reaction
Electronic health records may have digitized patient data, but getting that data from one clinician to another remains a huge challenge, especially since patients often have multiple doctors ordering tests, prescribing drugs, and providing treatment. Many experts now believe that... Read more