March/April 2017

Cover Story March/April 2017
New Forensics Approaches Looking More "CSI"-Like
If CSI and those other police procedural TV shows are to be believed, criminals don’t have a chance. A finger smudge on a light switch, a flake of skin, or a sweat-stained fiber is all the information an investigator needs... Read more
Feature March/April 2017
Smartphone Apps Meet Evidence Based Medicine
“The future of medicine is in your smartphone,” proclaimed an eminent medical researcher in a 2015 Wall Street Journal essay. In a sense, that future has already arrived, judging from the proliferation of apps and medical devices now connected to... Read more
Feature March/April 2017
The "Age" of Opportunity
For the last ten years, Peter Wintlev-Jensen has been immersed in one of the greatest challenges the world will have to address in the decades ahead—the unprecedented aging of the population not only in Europe but also across the globe.... Read more
Feature March/April 2017
A Balancing Act
It was the inaugural day of the study in 2005 when Brad Manor went out into the hot Louisiana sun to meet his first patient, a gentleman we’ll call James. Manor, now director of the Mobility and Brain Function Lab... Read more
From the Editor March/April 2017
Beyond Longevity: Healthy Aging as a Universal Goal
What is the difference between life span and health span? The first reflects longevity measured by the number of years lived, while the second represents the ability to enjoy a reasonably healthy condition throughout most of those years. How big... Read more
Feature March/April 2017
Hearing Aid Technology for the 21st Century
Approximately 360 million people in the world live with a debilitating hearing loss. The most common conditions—age-related and noise-induced sensorineural hearing loss—are both progressive and, for the foreseeable future, neither curable nor reversible. Because they find it difficult, if not impossible,... Read more
Feature March/April 2017
The Modern Cochlear Implant
Rainer Klinke Even as recently as the mid-1980s, many experts in otology and auditory science thought that restoration of useful hearing with crude and pervasive electrical stimulation of the cochlea was a fool’s dream. The esteemed Prof. Rainer Klinke from Frankfurt... Read more
Senior Design March/April 2017
Professional Licensure of Biomedical Engineers
Part of our mission at Marquette University (and that of many other schools) is to prepare students for their personal and professional lives after graduation. The goal of our biomedical engineering capstone design course is not just to provide opportunities... Read more
State of the Art March/April 2017
The Afterlife
On 6 August 2016, Jeni Stepien married Paul Maenner in Swissvale, Pennsylvania, just outside of Pittsburgh. The man who escorted the bride down the aisle was not exactly a relative: he had received her father’s heart in a transplant a... Read more
Retrospectroscope March/April 2017
A Shocking Experience with Respiratory Arrest
“No one can confidently say that he will still be living tomorrow,” wrote Euripides in his play Alcestis (438 BCE). But I recall a day when, surprisingly, I returned from the shadows and the next day, even though a little... Read more