March/April 2016

Feature March/April 2016
Blue Marble Game Company
Serious games are those designed for purposes other than mere entertainment. They have applications in many industries, including defense, education, and health care. Blue Marble Game Company of Altadena, California, has based its value proposition on a variant of this... Read more
Feature March/April 2016
Open Solutions to Healthcare Challenges
IEEE Pulse talks with Michael Wasser, co-founder of HealthSherpa and CEO of BloomAPI, about the changing landscape for electronic medical records, and the future of healthcare interoperability and innovation. IEEE Pulse: You have founded at least four companies already, correct? How... Read more
Feature March/April 2016
Creating a Computational Human Model
Imagine creating a new medical procedure that could revolutionize diagnosis or treatment of a long-standing human ailment, but being faced with restrictions in testing this procedure due to fears of exposing healthy humans to strong levels of radiation. In many... Read more
Cover Story March/April 2016
The Foundry: Scaling Up Biological Design
Above: Depicted, from left to right: Chris Voigt, Ben Gordon, Rob Nicol. Photo by Lillie Paquette / MIT School of Engineering. Living organisms are amazing feats of engineering: By following instructions encoded entirely in DNA, living systems can sense and respond to... Read more
Challenges and Opportunities, March/April 2016
Sleep Quality Assessment: Challenges and Opportunities
For a long time, sleep researchers have asked why we sleep and what are the physiological and mental needs which require sleep [1]. Today we understand that sleep is important for productivity, health, cognition, and well-being. As a consequence, physical... Read more
Feature March/April 2016
The drug development pipeline, once one of the most successful and lucrative commercial sectors in the United States, is now strained by a combination of factors: increased development costs, lengthy time lines, and the poor predictive power of preclinical studies,... Read more
Feature March/April 2016
The Clinical Utility of Circulating Tumor Cells
Clinicians have long sought rapid and accurate methods to screen for and track the progression of cancer. Current technologies include the use of blood tests to screen for certain biomarkers such as PSA level as an indication of prostate cancer... Read more
State of the Art March/April 2016
“Fate loves the fearless.” That was the fortune inside my wife’s fortune cookie that had been brought to her after a satisfying Chinese meal. How appropriate was that fortune days after the terrorist attack in Paris, France, in November 2015... Read more
Senior Design March/April 2016
Faculty Intellectual Property in Capstone Design Projects
A pinewood derby is a racing event for Cub Scouts, who, with the help of an adult, build their own cars out of wood. Parents, and occasionally other family members, help the Cub Scout design, carve, paint, add weights, and tune... Read more
Retrospectroscope March/April 2016
Could Al-Zahrawi Be Considered a Biomedical Engineer?
[accordion title=”Introducing Mohamed N. Saad”] By Max E. Valentinuzzi, I recently received an unexpected message from Mohamed N. Saad, out of Cairo, Egypt. Mohamed was submitting an article to be published in IEEE Pulse written about an Arab Muslim, known as Al-Zahrawi (936–1013),... Read more