March/April 2015

Society News March/April 2015
Call for Papers: IEEE EMBS International Student Conference
ISC 2015 – Call for Papers 1st IEEE EMBS International Student Conference (ISC) Welcome to the 1st International Student Conference organized by IEEE EMBS, the first in our series of conferences organized by the students, for the students. This first edition will... Read more
News and Notes March/April 2015
Two Day IIT Workshop on Histopathology Features Eminent Scientists in Medical Imaging
A two day interdisciplinary workshop on Achieving In situ Functional Histopathology (AifH 2015) was held in March at the Indian Institute of Technology (IIT) Kharagpur, India. The workshop showcased invited lectures from eminent academicians, clinicians and inventors in the field... Read more
Cover Story March/April 2015
Hacking Away
Above: Bryan Ranger and collaborators at 2014 MedTech hackathon in Mbarara, Uganda (photo credit Lina A. Colucci). Imagine a room filled with hundreds of highly accomplished people. There are doctors, engineers, software developers, entrepreneurs, designers, and scientists. All these people have put... Read more
Feature March/April 2015
Introducing Med-X
Above: Group photo of IEEE EMBS International Summer School. Interdisciplinary research involving biomedicine, engineering and the physical sciences is critically important. Indeed, Dr. Susan Hockfield—President of MIT—has suggested that the third revolution of life sciences may be emerging as the life sciences,... Read more
Feature March/April 2015
Making Diagnostics Portable
Above: Eugene Chan with the rHEALTH. Right now, it’s an unimposing device about the size of a tissue box, with a hinged lid on one side. But this little machine carries a big punch: it embodies a novel approach to diagnosing... Read more
Feature March/April 2015
Biomedical Engineering Education “Down Under”: the Australian Experience
This year, IEEE Pulse is taking a closer look at biomedical engineering (BME) education around the world. We began our discussion in our March/April issue with Jennifer Berglund’s pieces on BME education in the United States (see “The Great Divide”... Read more
Feature March/April 2015
Neurotechnological Revolution
The brain contains all that makes us human, but its complexity is the source of both inspiration and frailty. The world’s scientific community is working hard to unravel the secrets of the brain’s computing power and to devise technologies that... Read more
Feature March/April 2015
Unlocking Pain
Depression and chronic pain know no geographical boundaries. About 350 million people around the world experience long-lasting sadness and an unshakeable sense of hopelessness, and one person out of ten tries to live each day to its fullest despite continuous... Read more
Feature March/April 2015
Outside Access
A treatment for depression, chronic pain, cravings, and more—this is the emerging field of transcranial direct current stimulation (tDCS). In tDCS, transcranial means through the skull, and direct current is a weak stimulation current delivered to the brain using noninvasive electrodes... Read more
Feature March/April 2015
Inside Tract
When she was 37, Clare developed a tremor down her left side. At 39, she was diagnosed with Parkinson’s disease and put on a series of medications. These helped for a time, but the effect didn’t last. Within a few... Read more