July/August 2017

Feature July/August 2017
Carbon Monoxide, Repurposed
In the 16th century, Paracelsus—the father of modern toxicology—wrote that “all things are poison and nothing is without poison; the dose alone makes a thing not poison.” While it’s conceivable that too much of a good thing, such as water... Read more
Feature July/August 2017
Electromagnetics in Medicine
In August 2015, Akimasa Hirata, Professor at the Nagoya Institute of Technology in Japan, received a Technical Achievement Award from the IEEE Electromagnetic Compatibility Society for “his contribution to computational dosimetry and standardization for human exposure to electromagnetic fields.” We... Read more
Cover Story July/August 2017
Sharing Data to Solve the Riddle of Autism
Worldwide, at least one in 100 people has autism spectrum disorder (ASD). In the United States, the Centers for Disease Control and Prevention put the number at one in 68 [1]. Despite this high rate of prevalence and the increased... Read more
Feature July/August 2017
The Virtual Human Project
What if there were a way to optimize cancer treatments, design safer and more efficient noninvasive brain and spinal cord treatments and assess the hazards of implanted medical devices without ever touching a human body? Today, there is a way... Read more
Retrospectroscope July/August 2017
Cardiac Pacemakers
Ma nun me lassà, Nun darme stu turmiento. Damme un pacemaker … Famme campà! The Gulf of Naples and its surrounding area have served as a beautiful, historic, and romantic attraction for centuries, although the site was seriously damaged by the tragic eruption of... Read more
Feature July/August 2017
The Quantified Patient Checks In
Larry Smarr Like eight-year-olds who can’t let go of a good joke, Larry Smarr’s nurses and doctors kept coming to him with the same question: “Have you passed gas yet?” Answering this question in the affirmative is, Smarr explains, deadpan, “the... Read more
Feature July/August 2017
A Data-Rich Longitudinal Wellness Study for the Digital Age
We live in an age of plentiful information, collected continuously by pervasive gadgetry, distributed through digital and social networks, and mined deeply by ever-more- powerful analytics systems. And yet, one of the things we know the least about is our bodies.... Read more
Feature July/August 2017
Taking on the Obesity Epidemic
If obesity were tied only to too much food or too little physical activity, the cure would be a simple matter of counting calories or keeping track of steps with a pedometer. Unfortunately, obesity is much more complex. Many other... Read more
Feature July/August 2017
Sniffing for Cancer
Nearly two decades ago, Hossam Haick was working on a Ph.D. degree in chemical engineering at the Technion Israel Institute of Technology when terrible news hit: his friend and officemate had leukemia. It was Haick’s first close encounter with cancer... Read more
Feature July/August 2017
Rise of the Nanorobots
In 1988, a Scientific American article by A.K. Dewdney [1] on the work of nanotechnologist K. Eric Drexler spurred public interest in the nascent field of nanotechnology and its potential for advancing humanity into a new technological age. The article... Read more