January/February 2014

Book Reviews January/February 2014
Mathematical Models for Society and Biology, 2nd Ed.
Edward Beltrami, Academic Press, 2013. ISBN: 978-0-12-404624-5, xiii+266 pages, US$49.98 This 12-chapter text has the goal of showing how mathematics can illuminate fascinating problems drawn from society and biology. Each chapter takes a particular mathematical topic and applies it to one or more problems in society or biology. The... Read more
Book Reviews January/February 2014
Modeling and Simulation in Biomedical Engineering: Applications in Cardiorespiratory Physiology
Willem van Meurs, McGraw Hill, 2011. ISBN: 978-0071714457, US$100. Modeling and simulation have developed into indispensable disciplines in many fields including the physiological sciences; yet, there are few accessible texts available that teach the model building process in a methodical way for the physiological model developer. This text... Read more
Online Exclusive, January/February 2014
High-Tech Sports is Here, but Needs Better Integration
If I were writing about technology in sports five years ago, I would have focused on various innovative measuring devices such as wearable technology, wireless sensors and heads-up displays. But the world moves fast, and technology even faster. Today, bioengineering... Read more
Retrospectroscope January/February 2014
Spirometry: A Historical Gallery Up to 1905
“And the Lord God formed the man from the dust of the ground and breathed into his nostrils the breath of life, and the man became a living being.” (Genesis 2:7) In Latin, spirare means to breathe; hence, spirometry deals with the measurement... Read more
State of the Art January/February 2014
Faith in Science
Skeptics deny the validity of religious beliefs, as if science is completely reasonable and only religion depends on faith. They ignore or deny that scientific beliefs also require faith in the sincerity and trustworthiness of the declarer of scientific truth. Faith... Read more
Society News January/February 2014
IEEE EMBS International Student Conference
The first IEEE EMBS International Student Conference (ISC2013) was held 8-10 October 2013 at Cairo University, Egypt. The conference was intended to provide a forum for students to meet and exchange experiences at the local, regional, and international levels, as... Read more
Senior Design January/February 2014
Preparing for Global Healthcare Innovation: Virtual Capstone Design Teams
Global health care innovation requires collaboration between groups of people located in different parts of the world and is a growing trend in industry. Often, team members from various departments of a global organization who need to work together to... Read more
Continuing Education, January/February 2014
Reflections on the First IEEE EMBS International Summer School on Neural Engineering – Shanghai, China
The inaugural IEEE Engineering in Medicine and Biology Society (EMBS) International Summer School on Neural Engineering (ISSNE) was held at the Shanghai Jiao Tong University in Shanghai, China, on 7–14 July 2013. ISSNE’13 is the fifth summer school hosted by the IEEE... Read more
Student's Corner January/February 2014
Frugal Innovations for Global Health
Global health opens up a plethora of opportunities, yet it encompasses in itself myriad challenges. Biomedical engineering students should embrace these challenges and make the most out of them through innovative projects aimed at solving real-world problems. An interesting observation... Read more
President's Message January/February 2014
EMBS at Half a Century
I recently had the opportunity to give a short talk describing the IEEE Engineering in Medicine and Biology Society (EMBS) to students and faculty of the University of Florida. While looking over background material, I came to appreciate how deep and long the roots... Read more