Graduate Life

Graduate Life July/August 2014
The Match Day That Could Have Been
The long anticipated day has finally arrived: the “Match Day” that could have been. Once medical students choose their specialty at the beginning of their fourth year (i.e., pediatrics, surgery, neurology, etc.), they apply to residency programs in that specialty. The application process is relatively similar to... Read more
Graduate Life July/August 2014
The Power of Thought and the Value of Being Lost
The last time I sat down to write this column, I was in the midst of the most tumultuous period of my adult life to date. I had openly admitted to my advisor that I desperately wanted to quit my job, a job that I... Read more
Graduate Life May/June 2014
Be Brave
In my worst moments, when I was feeling like I had made no progress in my thesis work and that my advisor had lost all faith in me, I would read self-help articles. It felt a little pathetic, but at... Read more
Graduate Life May/June 2014
The Fourth Author
“Publish or perish” is the old axiom that is heard in the research realm. As a graduate student, the emphasis on publications as a metric of success is often difficult to come to terms with (particularly when you have hit... Read more
Graduate Life March/April 2014
The Figure One Problem
Like many undergraduate students, my plans and ideas for my career trajectory evolved over time. As I have written about before, I went back and forth during college about whether to pursue an M.D.-only or M.D./Ph.D. degree. No matter where I fell... Read more
Graduate Life January/February 2014
Triple Threat
The start of my second year of graduate school has brought some refreshing changes. I no longer walk into the lab with the paralyzing fear that I do not know anything or how to do anything. Now, I at least... Read more
Graduate Life January/February 2014
Women in Leadership: Goldilocks Syndrome
Most children have probably heard the classic fairy tale “Goldilocks and the Three Bears.” A young girl with golden hair wanders into the empty house of three different bears—one small, one large, and one sized in-between. She comes upon a... Read more