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Cover Story November/December 2019
Joint Ventures
Within a decade, life will likely become a lot easier for people with low back pain. The reason is cell therapy. Research is progressing rapidly and clinical trials are ongoing for new products that promise to repair the damage at... Read more
Cover Story September/October 2019
Microbial Treatments for the Mind
For $99, you can obtain a kit that includes two cotton swabs and instructions for properly collecting your own stool sample, along with oral and skin samples. Upon shipping those specimens to the Knight Lab in La Jolla, CA, you... Read more
Cover Story July/August 2019
Brain AI: Deep Learning for Brain Stimulation
Other Languages Available: Ver en Español (Read Spanish Version) この記事の日本語翻訳を読む (Read Japanese Version) English A common application for brain stimulation is surgery planning used to identify brain regions before or during resection [1]. In addition, noninvasive brain stimulation has been becoming a common clinical... Read more
Cover Story May/June 2019
Virtual Reality Is Taking the Hurt Out of Pain
Slip on a set virtual reality (VR) goggles and connected gloves, and you are transported to another world. For the entertainment industry, that kind of immersive VR may mean shoot-‘em-up games where players have to blast blood-thirsty aliens or other... Read more
Cover Story March/April 2019
Will Biotechnology Stop Aging?
Could biotechnology stop aging? The answer may be yes, no, or something in between, depending on who is being asked and what it means to “stop” aging. For those at one end of the spectrum— life extension seekers (including some... Read more
Cover Story January/February 2019
Identifying Neurotechnology Challenges at NeuroCAS
The second NeuroCAS event held 20–21 October 2018 in Cleveland, OH, USA, was attended by researchers and entrepreneurs across the fields of biosignals and neurotechnology. On the heels of the IEEE BioCAS Conference, the intent of this collaborative workshop was... Read more
Cover Story November/December 2018
Direct-To-Consumer Genetic Testing
Most genetic testing requires a doctor’s prescription. In April 2017, however, the U.S. Food and Drug Administration (FDA) gave genetics company 23andMe the go-ahead to sell DNA tests assessing the user’s level of risk for ten health conditions, including Parkinson’s... Read more
Cover Story September/October 2018
The Space Between
Around 2008, endoscopists David Carr-Locke and Petros Benias began to notice an unfamiliar pattern in the bile duct during endomicroscopy, which didn’t look like anything they knew from pathology. Their confusion as to what it was persisted, so they brought... Read more
Cover Story July/August 2018
The Many Textures of Robotics
Innovative researchers are employing flexible, rather than rigid materials in combination with new design approaches as part of the emerging field of biomedical soft robotics. The idea is to generate tools that conform to and interact with the human body... Read more
Cover Story May/June 2018
Biomedical Materials Learn to Heal Themselves
Maintaining sterility in emergency and operating rooms can be challenging, especially in cases of highly infectious disease outbreaks or toxic spills. A simple nick in a surgical glove under such circumstances could have deadly consequences. But, now, a variety of... Read more