Continuing Education

Continuing Education, March/April 2015
Propelling Your Career
Many are striving to understand what the “career ecosystem” looks like and wonder what it will look like by the time they will have finished their current degree, completed their fellowship, or by the time they are ready to move... Read more
Continuing Education, January/February 2015
Are You Receiving the Mentorship You Need?
“Having good mentors early in one’s career can mean the difference between success and failure in any field,” states the 2007 article “Nature’s Guide for Mentors.” No one can make decisions for you, but the right people can help broaden... Read more
Continuing Education, November/December 2014
Tips on Scientific Writing and Manuscript Preparation
Technical communication entails conveying information about a technology to intended audiences in different fields, including science, engineering, biotechnology, and medicine, often in the form of publications and technical papers. The purpose is to disseminate the intended information in a useful... Read more
Continuing Education, September/October 2014
Short-Term Strategic Career Planning: No, It’s Never Too Early!
No one is going to look after your career for you, but you,” states Erin Malone in her 2004 article “Planning your Future” [1]. Nor will anyone wait for you to get your act together! So what’s the best way... Read more
Continuing Education, July/August 2014
IEEE EMBS International Student Conference Series
Linking together undergraduate biomedical engineering students, recent graduates seeking employment, established members in their early career, senior members with technical expertise, and lifelong members contributing to the mentorship of the next generation of engineers in 97 countries and countless cities,... Read more
Continuing Education, May/June 2014
Improve Your Next Presentation: Tips on Effective Presentation Design and Delivery
Many readers browsing this article have communicated effectively for years, while others may be seeking successful tips here on how to make their next presentation an outstanding performance. Whichever the case, please bear in mind that this article is not... Read more
Continuing Education, March/April 2014
ETAT 2013: Reflections on the First IEEE EMBS International Summer School on Telemedicine
The first IEEE Engineering in Medicine and Biological Society (EMBS) Summer School on Emerging Technologies and Applications in Telemedicine (ETAT) was held 25–31 August 2013 in Slovakia. ETAT was cosponsored by IEEE EMBS, the National Centre of Telemedicine Services at... Read more
Continuing Education, January/February 2014
Reflections on the First IEEE EMBS International Summer School on Neural Engineering – Shanghai, China
The inaugural IEEE Engineering in Medicine and Biology Society (EMBS) International Summer School on Neural Engineering (ISSNE) was held at the Shanghai Jiao Tong University in Shanghai, China, on 7–14 July 2013. ISSNE’13 is the fifth summer school hosted by the IEEE... Read more