Book Reviews

Book Reviews September/October 2020
Smartphone-Based Medical Diagnostics, 1st ed.
This reviewer has an interest in the use of smartphones for various tasks, such as documentation of device failures (photography), inspection of parts (use of borescopes), thermal imaging (attachments for infrared imaging), personal health monitoring (step counting, heart rate monitoring, stress monitoring), and the like... Read more
Book Reviews July/August 2020
Organ-on-a-Chip Engineered Microenvironments for Safety and Efficacy Testing
The need to improve testing platforms for current and new pharmaceuticals has helped generate studies involving “organs-on-a-chip” technologies in recent years. This text, aimed at a readership including biomedical engineers, entrepreneurs, design engineers, new drug investigators, etc., attempts to survey the current state of the art in this area of endeavor... Read more
Book Reviews May/June 2020
A Comprehensive Physically Based Approach to Modeling in Bioengineering and Life Sciences,1st ed.
When this reviewer opted to receive and review this text, it was hoped that it would present as a complementary text to those of Drs. Carson and Cobelli [Modelling Methodology for Physiology and Medicine (2013) and Introduction to Modeling in Physiology and Medicine, 2nd ed. (2019)]. This was not to be the case... Read more
Book Reviews March/April 2020
Applied Human Factors in Medical Device Design, 1st ed.
If you aspire to be involved in the proper design, development, testing, documentation, sales, or manufacture of (improved) medical devices, this text offers a comprehensive overview of the many standards and methodologies involved in the process of applying human factors analysis in the medical device design process. To a large extent, its many chapters offer guidelines and examples of various aspects specific to recommended U.S. and European design documentation standards and requirements... Read more
Book Reviews March/April 2020
This text is an interesting and useful overview of the general field of biomechatronics, representing the contributions of the primary author and 27 coauthors to what appears to be a significant expansion of Dr. Popovic’s earlier textbook Biomechatronics and Robotics (CRC Press, 2013). It is one of the few textbooks available currently covering this entire field of endeavor... Read more
Book Reviews March/April 2020
Fundamentals of Solid-State Lighting: LEDs, OLEDs, and Their Applications in Illumination and Displays
Although this book is aimed primarily at electrical and electronics engineers, it can also be useful for all technical professionals who, in one way or another, are interested in lighting issues, especially those related to recent advances in light-emitting diode (LED) and organic-LED (OLED) technologies. This includes biomedical, civil, and industrial engineers, as well as architects, who may consider skipping some of the most specialized chapters of the book and focus on the (largely self-contained) sections devoted to LED and OLED lighting applications... Read more
Book Reviews January/February 2020
Robotic Assistive Technologies: Principles and Practice
Edited by Pedro Encarnação and Albert M. Cook, CRC Press, 2017, ISBN: 9781498745727, xvi + 382 pages, $65.95 This book is an excellent guide for all those who want to explore the world of robotic assistive technologies, as it takes the... Read more
Book Reviews September/October 2019
The Nurse’s Guide to Innovation: Accelerating the Journey
Bonnie Clipper, Mike Wang, Paul Coyne, Vince Baiera, Rebecca Love, Dawn Nix, Wayne Nix, and Brian Weirich, Superstar Press, 2019, ISBN: 978-1-60773-124-5, viii+ 108 pages, $19.95 I recently obtained a copy of this text: The Nurse’s Guide to Innovation from author... Read more
Book Reviews July/August 2019
Physics in Biology and Medicine
Paul Davidovits, Academic Press, 2018, ISBN: 9780128137161, xviii+ 358 pages, $85 From the book back cover copy: “Paul Davidovits’ Physics in Biology and Medicine provides a high-quality and highly relevant physics grounding for students working toward careers in the medical and... Read more
Book Reviews May/June 2019
Signal Processing and Machine Learning for Biomedical Big Data
Ervin Sejdic and Tiago H. Falk, CRC Press, 2018, ISBN: 9781351061223, xviii+ 606 pages, $220 But for one flaw in the first printing of this text (to be detailed at the end of this review), this reviewer highly recommends this reference... Read more