Si Mon Kueh

Si Mon Kueh received the M.Eng degree in Electromechanical Engineering from the University of Southampton in 2014 and currently pursuing his Ph.D. degree at University of Southampton. In 2014 he joined the Department of Electronics and Computer Science at the University of Southampton in the U.K., where he pursues research into bit-serial artificial neural networks (ANN) for epilepsy seizure detection. In this research, he has published three papers in international conferences.

Associated articles

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Low-Power and Low-Cost Dedicated Bit-Serial Hardware Neural Network for Epileptic Seizure Prediction System
  This paper presents results of using a simple bit-serial architecture as a method of designing an extremely low-power and low-cost neural network processor for epilepsy seizure prediction. The proposed concept is based on a novel bit-serial data processing unit (DPU)... Read more
JTEHM, Articles, Published Articles
Design and Study of a Smart Cup for Monitoring the Arm and Hand Activity of Stroke Patients
  This paper presents a new platform to monitor the arm and hand activity of stroke patients during rehabilitation exercises in the hospital and at home during their daily living activities. The platform provides relevant data to the therapist in order... Read more