Shourjya Sanyal

Shourjya Sanyal received the Bachelor of Technology degree in Biotechnolgy from the National Institute of Technology, Durgapur, India in 2011, and the PhD in Computational Theoretical Physics from School of Physics, University College Dublin, Dublin, Ireland in 2017. He has worked with various research groups in Indian Institute of Science Bangalore from 2008- 2011 (supported by KVPY fellowship), Bielefeld University in 2010, Max Plank Institute of Polymer Research in Mainz in 2011, and University of Konstanz (supported by Boehringer Ingelhiem Fonds travel grant) in 2014. He is currently the Chief Executive Officer of Think Biosolution Limited, Dublin, Ireland (a wearable health and fitness devices company). His fields of research include biomedical signal processing, data science, and computational physics.

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Algorithms for monitoring heart rate and respiratory rate from the video of a user’s face
  Abstract Smartphone cameras can measure heart rate (HR) by detecting pulsatile photoplethysmographic (iPPG) signals from post-processing the video of a subject’s face. The iPPG signal is often derived from variations in the intensity of the green channel as shown by Poh... Read more