Sanket Goel

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Paper-Based Membraneless Co-Laminar Microfluidic Glucose Biofuel Cell With MWCNT-Fed Bucky Paper Bioelectrodes
The present work establishes a membraneless, co-laminar flow-based approach to develop a cost-effective microfluidic paper-based analytical device for enzymatic biofuel cell (µPAD-EBFC). The developed µPAD-EBFC supporting the self-capillary fluid transport action, consists of Y-shaped paper microchannel with the fuel (glucose)... Read more
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Direct Electron Transfer based Microfluidic Glucose Biofuel cell with CO2 Laser ablated Bioelectrodes and Microchannel
Miniaturized microfluidic electrochemical energy devices can produce power without the need for a separator reducing a considerable amount of fabrication complications. Enzymatic biofuel cells, with glucose as a fuel, are capable of producing energy from biological fluids in the presence... Read more
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Electrochemical Mini-Platform with Thread based Electrodes for Interference Free Arsenic Detection
Herein, a fully integrated thread/textile-based electrochemical sensing device has been demonstrated. A hydrophilic conductive carbon thread, chemically modified with gold nanoparticles through an electrodeposition process, was used as a working electrode (WE). The hydrophilic thread coated with Ag/AgCl and an... Read more