Sandy Weininger

Sandy Weininger, PhD received his BSEE and MS/BME from Drexel University focusing on the properties of the electrode-tissue interface. He received his Ph.D. in Bioengineering from the University of Pennsylvania; where he specialized in signal processing and control systems related to behavioral assessment of newborns. Dr. Weininger's current scientific and regulatory focus is the performance assessment of sensors and actuators for physiologic systems, and identifying interactions within complex systems to assess safety. He works with standards development organizations, including UL, AAMI, ASTM, IEC and ISO to construct both horizontal and vertical safety standards. He is actively involved in developing and delivering courses on achieving safety in medical devices using systems engineering principles. He is member of AAMI/UL 2800 – Interoperable Systems, AAMI Interoperability Working Group, past chair of the ASTM Pulse Oximeter Committee and FDA’s liaison to IEC TC 62 and SC 62A, committees responsible for safety of electro-medical equipment, and ISO TC 121/SC3 JWG10 – oximeters. Dr. Weininger works with academic partners to develop methods for the evaluation of interoperable systems.

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The Importance of State and Context in Safe Interoperable Medical Systems
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