Sam Darvishi

Sam Darvishi was born in Sarbandar, Iran, in 1974. He received the B.Eng. degree in electronic engineering from the Urmia University, Iran, in 1997, and the M.Eng. degree (Merit) in automation and manufacturing systems from the University of Sydney, Australia in 2007, and the Ph.D. degree in electrical and electronic engineering from The University of Adelaide, Australia, in 2016, under the supervision of M. Baumert, M. C. Ridding and D. Abbott with a focus on feedback optimisation for restorative brain-computer interfaces. Following his PhD studies, he received an Endeavour Fellowship Award and conducted postdoctoral research on brain-computer interfaces at the University of Tübingen, Germany, in 2016-17 under the supervision of A. Gharabaghi. He is currently involved with running preclinical trials to investigate the efficacy of a novel restorative brain-computer interface system.

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Reaction Time Predicts Brain-Computer Interface Aptitude
     There is evidence that 15–30% of the general population cannot effectively operate brain–computer interfaces (BCIs). Thus the BCI performance predictors are critically required to pre-screen participants. Current neurophysiological and psychological tests either require complicated equipment or suffer from subjectivity. Thus,... Read more