Michal T. Kucewicz

Department of Neurology, Mayo Clinic, Rochester, MN, USA

Associated articles

TBME, Special Issue: BRAIN
Combined single neuron unit activity and local field potential oscillations in a human visual recognition memory task
Kucewicz, M.T., Berry, B.M., Bower, M.R., Cimbalnik, J., Svehlik, V., Stead, S.M., Worrell, G.A., Mayo Clinic, USA Current neurotechnologies typically probe only a limited range of the vast scale of human brain electrophysiological activities, focusing either on the micro-electrode recordings of... Read more
TBME, Featured Articles
Direct electrical stimulation of the human brain has inverse effects on the theta and gamma neural activities
Lech et. al studied the electrophysiological response to direct electrical stimulation (DES) systematically applied in human patients at a wide range of parameters, with particular focus on the neural activities associated with memory and cognition. Subjects were stimulated in blocks of alternating frequency and amplitude parameters during quiet wakefulness. Amplification of the theta (4–7 Hz) and attenuation of the gamma (29–52 Hz) power-in-band was observed with increasing the stimulation parameters. These findings reveal the utility of simple power-in-band features for understanding and optimizing the effects of electrical stimulation on brain activities and functions... Read more