Hee-Tae Jung

College of Information and Computer Sciences, University of Massachusetts Amherst, Amherst, MA 01003 USA

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JBHI, Featured Articles
Remote Assessment of Cognitive Impairment Level based on Serious Mobile Game Performance: An Initial Proof of Concept
         The number of individuals with permanent cognitive disabilities is increasing worldwide due to aging societies. It is important to longitudinally monitor changes in the cognitive functional and impairment levels of these individuals in order to evaluate the effectiveness of the... Read more
TNSRE, Featured Articles
Estimating Upper-Limb Impairment Level in Stroke Survivors Using Wearable Inertial Sensors and a Minimally-Burdensome Motor Task
Upper-limb paresis is the most common motor impairment post stroke. Current solutions to automate the assessment of upper-limb impairment impose a number of critical burdens on patients and their caregivers that preclude frequent assessment. In this work, we propose an... Read more