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Standards Committee,
Cj Rieser
Ms. Cj Rieser Ph.D. is a senior member of the IEEE women in engineering and medical communities. As a Division Futurist for Medical Technology in the MITRE Labs Emerging Technology Innovation Center and a Research Faculty in the UVA School... Read more
Standards Committee,
Esteban J. Pino
Esteban J. Pino is Associate Professor at the Electrical Engineering Department in the Universidad de Concepcion, Chile. He was director of the undergraduate program in Biomedical Engineering from 2010 to 2016. Dr. Pino was a research fellow at the Brigham... Read more
Standards Committee,
Standards Educational Corner
EMB Standards Committee Meetings WG Presentations Overview of IEEE P2650 Standards Development Working Group -Pre-Screening Audiometry Systems Working Group Chair, Mohan Kumar. R. , 25 August 2020 Rapidly Scaling Telehealth In Response to COVID-19 Chair, P2795 WG, Cj Rieser, 25 August 2020 An overview of... Read more
Standards Committee,
Florence D. Hudson
Florence D. Hudson is Founder & CEO of FDHint, LLC, consulting in advanced technologies, diversity and inclusion. Formerly IBM Vice President and Chief Technology Officer, Internet2 Senior Vice President and Chief Innovation Officer, and an aerospace engineer at Grumman and... Read more
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Journal Statistics Prior 12 months Avg. days from submission to first decision: 41 Avg. Reviewer turnaround time (days) – Original: 18.9 Avg. Reviewer turnaround time (days) – Revision: 13.7 Avg. days from submission to final decision: 69 Other Statistics Prior 12 months Accept Ratio: 40%... Read more
Special Issue: NIH-IEEE POCT 2018
The JTEHM Special Issue on Healthcare Innovations and Point-of-Care Technologies for Precision Medicine is a select group of papers based upon work presented at the NIH-IEEE POCT 2018 Conference, held November 6-8, 2017. The special topic conference focused on healthcare... Read more
Instructions for Authors
Submit articles for publication in JTEHM through ScholarOne Manuscripts. All submissions must follow the IEEE JTEHM templates. Upon acceptance, authors are encouraged to include either a video abstract or a high-resolution image for both Xplore and JTEHM. A length of 8 pages of... Read more
Special Issue on “Advanced Internet of Things in a Personalized Healthcare System: Validation, Analysis and Utilization”
Due to the exponential growth of wearable devices and mobile apps, healthcare as a field is being transformed by Internet of Things (IoT)-enabled technology. The traditional hubs of healthcare, such as hospitals and clinics, are being transformed into personalized healthcare... Read more