Amirhossein S. Aghaei

Amirhossein S. Aghaei (S’06 - M’14) is currently a Post-Doctoral Fellow with the Department of Electrical and Computer Engineering, University of Toronto, Toronto, Canada. His research interests are machine learning, pattern recognition, data analytics, statistical signal processing, and biomedical engineering. He received his Ph.D. and M.A.Sc degrees from the Department of Electrical and Computer Engineering at the University of Toronto, in 2008 and 2013 respectively, and received his B.Sc. degree in Electrical Engineering from Iran University of Science and Technology, Tehran, Iran, in 2006.

Associated articles

TBME, Featured Articles, Special Issue: BRAIN
Separable Common Spatio-Spectral Patterns for Motor Imagery BCI Systems
Amirhossein S. Aghaei, Mohammad Shahin Mahanta, Konstantinos N. Plataniotis, University of Toronto Brain-Computer Interface (BCI) systems aim to provide a non-muscular channel for the brain to control external devices using electrical activities of the brain. These BCIs can be used in various... Read more