Abbas Kouzani

Abbas Kouzani, PhD, is Professor of Microsystems Engineering and Director of BioMEMS Group at Deakin University, Australia. His research interests focus on medical and biological microsystems including lab-on-a-chip devices, bioinstruments, implants, biosensors, RF microdevices, and biofabrication.

Associated articles

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Editorial Blog: 3D Bioprinting Down Under
Contributions of engineering to medicine have helped improve people’s health. For example, medical imaging technology has helped save many lives by enabling non-invasive diagnostic procedures which specify the existence and scope of a number of diseases. In the past two decades,... Read more
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A Miniature Dual-biomarker-based Sensing and Conditioning Device for Closed-loop DBS
  In this paper, a dual-biomarker-based neural sensing and conditioning device is proposed for closing the feedback loop in deep brain stimulation devices. The device explores both local field potentials (LFPs) and action potentials (APs) as measured biomarkers. It includes two... Read more